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Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice

Directed by Elisa Cazzato – Post-production by Nicolò Groja

Elisa Cazzato

Elisa Cazzato is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellow at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. For her research project SPECTACLE, she was a visiting scholar at the CELLF of the Université Sorbonne and New York University’s Department of Art History. In 2021-2022, she assisted Meredith Martin and Phil Chan on the international production of the Ballet de Porcelaines. In 2018, she completed her PhD at The University of Sydney with a thesis supervised by Prof. Mark Ledbury and funded by The University of Sydney International Scholarship. Her publications include forthcoming articles in the peer-review journals Studi Francesi and Dance Research.

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Invervista per Veneto Night la Notte dei Ricercatori 2023

Emanuele De Luca

Emanuele De Luca is a lecturer in theatre studies at Côte d’Azur university specialising in 17th and 18th century  literature and theatre. His research focuses on the following: the history and repertoire of the Paris Comédie-Italienne; Italian actor/playwrights in France and Europe; French, Italian and European theory concerning the history, poetry and aesthetics of theatrical practices (acting, dance, pantomime, song, music, decor and lighting). At the 2016 international symposium titled La Comédie-Italienne de Paris (1716-1780), Colloque du tricentenaire, Emanuele helped the CMBV create a historically informed stage production called Une Soirée à la Comédie-Italienne de Paris – Théâtre, musique et danse à l’Hôtel de Bourgogne au début du XVIIIsiècle. He co-organises the cross-disciplinary research seminar ThéPARis.

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La fugacità del fuoco

Petra Dotlačilová

Petra Dotlačilová holds a PhD in Dance Studies from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (2016), and a PhD in Theatre Studies from Stockholm University (2020). She specializes in dance history and theatrical costume in Europe from 16th to 18th century. Particularly, she explores aesthetic and material properties of costumes, international transfers in design and relations between garments and movement practices. She participated in the research projects Performing Premodernity at the Stockholm University and  Ritual Design for the Ballet Stage at Leipzig University. Within these projects, she organized several workshops and collaborated at costume-making for historically informed performances of Pygmalion (2015, Český Krumlov, Stockholm), and Le Devin du village (2019, Stockholm). In 2021 was awarded with the international postdoc of the Swedish Research Council, which supports her three-year research project “The Fabrication of Performance: Processes and Politics of Costume-Making in the 18th Century”, conducted in collaboration with Centre de musique baroque Versailles.

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La caducità del costume

Christine Jeanneret

Christine Jeanneret is a musicologist, specializing in early modern music, historical sound studies, gender studies, cultural exchanges and music performance. She is associate professor at the Centre for Privacy Studies at the University of Copenhagen and is currently the PI of SOUND, an innovative research project aiming at listening, hearing and reconstructing the soundscapes of the Danish court. She was awarded Queen Margrethe II’s Rome prize in 2017 for her outstanding research. In 2018-2020, she worked at the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles. She regularly works with early music performers and museums to make her research available to a wide audience in the unique forms of performance and exhibitions.

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L'effimero multisensoriale

Mark Ledbury

Mark Ledbury is Power Professor of Art History and Director of the Power Institute at the University of Sydney. His research focuses on the relationships between theatre and visual art, and on the concept of genre in the visual arts. He is the author and editor of books and studies on Francois Boucher, Jean-Baptiste Greuze and Jacques-Louis David, and his current projects focus on innovation transfer across artistic communities in eighteenth-century France, and on the practice of History painting.  He is currently one of a multi-disciplinary team responsible for a new digital critical edition of Jean-Benjamin de Laborde’s 1773 Choix de Chansons  . At the University of Sydney Mark teaches and supervises across eighteenth and nineteenth century European art, and As Director of the Power Institute Mark curates programmes and events designed to bring ideas in the visual arts to a wide national and international audience. Before joining the University of Sydney in 2011, Mark worked at the Universities of Portsmouth and Manchester in the UK, and as Associate Director of Research and Academic Programs at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

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The afterlife of ephemeral spectacle

Meredith Martin

Meredith Martin is Professor of art history at New York University and a founding editor of Journal18. A specialist in early modern French art, she is the co-author, with Gillian Weiss, of The Sun King at Sea: Maritime Art and Gallery Slavery in Louis XIV’s France (2022), which won the David F. Pinkney prize from the Society for French Historical Studies and was published in French by Éditions de l’EHESS. Martin is also the author of Dairy Queens: The Politics of Pastoral Architecture from Catherine de’ Medici to Marie-Antoinette (2011), and a co-author of Meltdown: Picturing the World’s First Bubble Economy (2020). In 2021-22, she reimagined and restaged a lost French ballet from 1739 known as the Ballet des Porcelaines, which toured the U.S. and Europe. 

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The spectacle of otherness

Barbara Nestola

Barbara Nestola is a musicologist and research engineer with the Ministère de la Culture (CESR-CMBV). Her work focuses on the circulation of music between Italy and France and other European countries; on opera productions at the Académie Royale de Musique in Paris;  and on the crossover of musical practices in Paris theatres under the Ancien Régime. She specialises in Italian vocal declamation, delivers singing masterclasses and is involved in opera productions. She regularly prepares professional singers for concerts, recitals, opera productions and audio-visual recordings.

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L'evanescenza dello spettacolo di corte

Gerardo Tocchini

Gerardo Tocchini is Full-Professor in Modern History at the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice. His research area is the social history of early modern European culture from the sixteenth to the late nineteenth century. He is the author of I Fratelli d’Orfeo (1998); Minacciare con le immagini. Tintoretto (2010); La politica della rappresentazione (2012); Su Greuze e Rousseau (2016).

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Potere perituro